The National Association of Voluntary Cultural Councils is a national association for voluntary cultural councils all over the country. The aim for the association is to improve the conditions for the voluntary cultural sector, particular by participating actively in the cultural debate. In addition to that the association handles all contact to the authorities, perform advisory, arrange meetings and conferences, publish newsletters, a journal twice a year and books about the voluntary cultural sector including "The Need of Art" , "Room for Art", "The Art in us" and "Handbook for Associations". Moreover the association cooperate with similar cultural associations, national as well as international and assists in establishing new councils.

The National Association is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural councils
Voluntary Cultural councils exist in 53 of Denmark's 98 municipalities. They are supported by the municipalities. The local voluntary cultural councils are umbrellas for local organizations within art and culture and as such involved in the local cultural policymaking. They are also helping to ensure that citizens are involved and that the civil society is heard when it comes to local voluntary culture policymaking. Moreover, the local voluntary cultural councils are organizers of arts and cultural events.